The National Institute for Challenging Homophobia Education (NICHE) supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) young people in rural and remote areas of Australia, to help prevent rural LGBTI youth suicide and make the lives of all young people in these areas safer.


It is ‘What Happened Next?’ after the 266-day Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ Challenging Homophobia Tour of Rural Australia completed by Daniel Witthaus in 2010: www.thatssogay.com.au

NICHE aims to:

  • Gather the best ideas, people and resources in challenging rural homophobia and supporting LGBTI young people; in doing so, NICHE can map what’s working, what’s not and identify gaps;
  • Work with, and build upon, successful, effective projects and organisations in regional, rural and remote Australian communities;
  • Partner with mainstream and philanthropic organisations to leverage their resources for regional, rural and remote Australia.

We’re hoping to challenge rural homophobia one town, one story and one cuppa at a time.

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